Tuesday, November 24, 2015

One Small Step For Man....

One leap for Sister Maughan! I GOT TO SEE THE OCEAN. Kind of. Okay, I got to see an inlet of the ocean. But I got to see the water and the wet sand and smell the fishes... I got to hear the seagulls and watch them dive into the water. I still haven't gotten to see the ocean ocean yet... but this was the closest I have ever gotten to seeing the ocean. So I am content. Not satisfied, but content. :)

This last week we put up the Christmas tree! We bought a five dollar Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It is only like a foot and a half tall, but we covered it in lights and mini ornaments. We made a tree skirt out of a scarf, and put a bow on top of the tree. We did it all while listening to Christmas music. :) We also bought a bunch of Christmas lights and covered our apartment in them. Our apartment looks so good right now! Especially because a couple of weeks ago, we dragged a huge couch out of the trash and put in in our apartment. That sounds gross... but trash here works so differently. If you wanna throw something large away, you just put it outside in front of your apartment complex and put a sticker on it signifying that it is garbage. Missionaries are professional dumpster divers. Really. Except we don't have to get in the dumpster. If there is a couch on the side of the street that looks pretty nice, we just drag it up to our apartment and clean it. And that is exactly what we did. :)

So we have given each of our current 5 investigators a baptismal commitment. 4 of the 5 accepted a soft baptismal commitment. The one who didn't is a completely English interest investigator. A few weeks ago we got a new investigator who started out as English interest expressed sincere gospel interest last week because her father is sick and she is worried about him passing away. She said she doesn't know where he will go after that. She kept saying "I won't get to see him again, right?" Well, that is the beauty of the gospel. We WILL get to see our families again. I took the opportunity to testify that we can live with God again, and we can see our families again. The spirit was so strong. It is so amazing that we as missionaries get the opportunity to promise others that there is a greater and more beautiful plan. God's plan is beautiful, and I am so thankful for it.

This last Sunday, we decided to attend Young Women's instead of Relief Society. What we saw there in Young Women's broke my heart. None of the young women wanted to be there. Half of them were sleeping. The other half were doing homework. No one was listening to their leaders. When the leaders announced that there would be an activity this week, the young women all groaned. Satan has his grip on them SO strong. I know that when you are in high school, it can be hard to want to go to church. It can be hard to want to attend church activities. But it shouldn't be THIS hard. They didn't even stand to say the Young Women's Theme. We now know what our next project in the ward will be. If there is any one who needs strengthening right now, it is the young women. I am not sure how exactly to get them excited about church, but we will keep praying about how to help them. Satan is stronger than we realize, and he will take advantage of us if we let him. We have to be strong. These young women have to be strong. And we are here to save them from the power of Satan. :) Sometimes missionaries have to be superheroes too. ;)

Well Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you get to eat lots of yummy food, and remember to thank the Lord for all He has given you! Say a prayer of thanks each night, and I know that you will feel His love stronger than ever. I will be spending Thanksgiving at a buffet with our district! It should be fun. :)

Love and miss you all!

Love, Sister Maughan
by the ocean inlet.

I had to fight a giant crab to get to the ocean inlet haha.

I saw part of the ocean! kind of! :) yes that is a boat.

on exchanges with Sister Sutton! ( I have lived with here for 6 months now.)

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