Monday, November 9, 2015

12 Months Down!

Well... I don't know how that happened. Where did the last 12 months of my life go? I have decided that when you are a missionary, you step up to a higher plane that is closer to heaven, and time runs a bit more like God's time does. And by that, I mean time flies. Have you ever heard that 1000 years on earth is 2 hours in heaven? I heard that in seminary at one point. I can't promise you it is exact doctrine, but I feel like as a missionary, our time changes too. 12 months as a missionary feels like 6 months as a normal person. I don't understand.  But I am sure my family appreciates the passing time, though I think it feels faster for me than for them. ;) We went to an American buffet to celebrate my year mark, and one of our investigators gave us a chocolate cake to congratulate me. ;) So 잘 목었습니다! We ate well. :)

Okay so this week I gave my first zone training. It was a bit scary, I am not going to lie. But it ended up being okay, I think. I mean there were a lot of people participating and commenting, and I saw a lot of missionaries taking notes, so I think it was good. :)

Do you remember when I sent my email about faith? Well, we have continued putting our faith to the test. And Sister Capener and I have seen miracle after miracle. We have two investigators who have agreed to be baptized, they just don't have a date yet. We handed out 5 Book of Mormons last week which is super rare for Korea. We also got 4 numbers from people off the street and taught a street lesson which ended in a prayer. We pray so much more during the day, and we have realized that if we promise God that we are going to, for instance, give out a Book of Mormon. He won't let us get home until we give one out. As in, God keeps people on the streets for us to talk to until we find the one to give the Book of Mormon to. It is the coolest thing. :)

Our 4 sister house is doing this thing to celebrate the holidays missionary style. We have a big window in the back of our main room, and we are going to decorate it in snow flakes. We only get to put a snow flake up if we hand out a Book of Mormon though. For each Book of Mormon we hand out, we get to put a snow flake up. Also, we are making a Christmas tree, and for each name card or pamphlet we give out, we get to put ornaments on the tree. And to top it all off, we are shooting for a White Christmas. What color do people wear when they are baptized? WHITE! :) So we want a white Christmas. Our goal is to have an investigator baptized by Christmas. We know we can do it, because it has been promised to us by an apostle that even in Korea, we can baptize someone every month. There are enough prepared people here. :) Plus, what better Christmas gift can we give to the Savior than to bring one of Heavenly Father's children unto Him? :)

Well this week is temple week, so we get to go to the temple on Thursday. I am SO EXCITED. I love the temple so much. :)

Also, I know its kind of weird we are already decorating our house for Christmas... but considering how fast time goes on a mission, Christmas will be here in no time. What feels like the amount of time from December 1st to December 25th in the normal world, is the same amount of time it feels from now to December 25th as a missionary. Does that make sense?... if not... haha my English skills have plummeted anyway so it doesn't surprise me. Haha. Okay enough rambling.


My new beautiful model companion! :) Sister C

                                                                          Me and my C!!!!
Year mark! I also gave a training this day (45 minute talk).

I got a cake from our investigator for my one year mark! :)

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