Monday, November 16, 2015

Gangnam Style

So this week we got to go to the temple on Thursday! I seriously love the temple, and I can't imagine serving as a missionary without the opportunity to attend the temple every transfer. After the temple we went to GANGNAM. In case you didn't really know what Gangnam is... it is a city. A super rich city. It is part of Seoul but it has some great shopping! :) We did some Christmas shopping there, so it was pretty fun. I got some good pictures too! :)

So I don't really remember what happened this last week, I am gonna be honest. This happens sometimes, though I don't really know why. But I will tell you a funny story to keep this entertaining.

Last Sunday, Sister Capener and I had to take on the responsibility of copying around 200 papers for our member record book. The elders had taken all the records and updated them, organized them, and alphabetized them. But we needed to copy everything to make our book all pretty, too. So we copied all 200 exactly in the same order that theirs was. We made sure to put their book back together and keep it organized as we copied. We kept all our copies in order, we just didn't have sheet protectors to put them in yet, so we kept them in a stack in our binder. It took us around 3 hours, but we completed the task. :) We stepped outside of the church to walk home, and the cross walk light turned green. By the time we got to the crosswalk, we had 10 seconds to get across the intersection, so we started running. Halfway through the intersection... it happened. Papers... 200 freshly copied, freshly organized member records, whipped up into the air in the middle of a busy intersection. It looked like a snow ball had exploded. And not to mention the fact that there was 5 seconds left for us to cross the street, and Korean drivers don't yield to pedestrians. And we are foreigners, so all the cars in the intersection were already filled with people watching us. I looked at Sister Capener with big eyes, and we both knew what we had to do. We started laughing hysterically as we ran around the road, picking up the pieces of paper. Why were we laughing? I don't really know. There were cars honking, people swerving around us... but somehow we knew we were protected. We should have probably been crying, but for some reason we both displayed our fear in laughter. As if we didn't look strange enough--two white girls running around in the middle of an intersection gathering up papers with huge smiles on their faces--Sister Capener was carrying a pink plastic hammer that a member had given to us (we don't really know why ).  So she had a pink toy hammer in one hand, and was picking up papers with the other.  Just imagine that picture. :) Luckily,  we gathered up all the papers in a big bundle and ran off to the side of the road.  We made it safely to the sidewalk and sunk into Kimchi Squat position (the squat that Koreans all do), and laughed our heads off.

Okay, so it was probably funnier to us. But still... it was an adventure. :)

This last week we had a miracle. This lady called us asking for the Bupyeong city missionaries. We said we were the ones she was looking for, and soon we had a time set up to meet. She was originally English interest, but when we taught the gospel section of the meeting, she lit up with interest. She wants to know about God because she has never attended any church of any kind. She is a nurse, so we get along quite well. ;) We asked her if she would be baptized in the first lesson... a step of major faith for us... and she said yes! She said that if she comes to know the gospel is true, she will be baptized. We are still shooting for a white Christmas! :)

Anyway, love you all and miss you always!
We are gangstas!

Seoul Temple

Korea is getting pretty!

This is the longest my hair has ever been!

Me and my beautiful Companion.

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