Monday, March 7, 2016

Let it go! Let it go! :)

So yesterday before church, we stood at the doorway of our one hallway church house and greeted members walking in like always. While we were waiting there, our branch president's adorable daughters ran over to us and started playing with us and the elders. They are both 4 years old (they were adopted). They wanted us to spin with them in circles (like ring-around-the-rosies). Anyway the elders took one of the girls, and we took the other and made two circles. Literally the cutest thing ever! :) Then, after we finished spinning in circles, the girls ran to me and said "Stand over there!" So I stood where they wanted me to. Then they said "sit down!" So I squatted down to their height. They then proceeded to play with my hair. One of the girls told the other, "we are making her Elsa!" So they brushed all my hair to one side, and then one of the girls started singing, in English, with the CUTEST accent ever (she clearly was only mimicking the noises to make it sound as close to English as possible) "Let it go! Let it go!" I died of cuteness. Literally I couldn't stop smiling. Sister Zippro and the elders were all laughing. Seriously, the cutest thing ever!

Okay, so this week, I became a true sister missionary. My boots... my boots are destroyed. My remaining pairs of wearable shoes are slim, but I think they will last me 3 months. Or so I hope. Anyway, my boots are dead. So here are pictures.

Yeah... its a good thing spring is one its way. The soles of my shoes couldn't take the Seoul life. Haha. Okay that was a bad pun. I don't even live in Seoul. Moving on now.

So this last week was AMAZING. We got 4 new investigators! :) When I got here, we only had 1 investigator. The unfortunate thing is that that 1 investigator dropped us last week. But we got 4 to replace her! :) And 2 of them, are really high potential. It is a mother and a daughter.  We met them sticker boarding. They started out with English interest, but when we met with them we found out that they truly need the gospel. I mean every one needs the gospel, but they are in desperate need of it. The mother is not Korean. She is from Uzbekistan. She fled from Uzbekistan in search of a better life, and came to Korea when she was 27. She married a Korean and they had one daughter, , who is now 7 years old. But her husband left her. And now she has to work to fend for her and her daughter. She works at a restaurant, long hours to support her and her daughter and make enough money to live in a house and buy food. She comes from an Islamic background, which complicates things a little bit because we have to get permission to teach her, and if by chance she chooses to be baptized, we have to get permission from WAY high up to baptize her. But we have to start with baby steps, and teach her first of course. Anyway,  she told us that the Islamic religion scares her, so she doesn't want to believe in it. She is open to learning about the gospel.  At the end of our first meeting, I had this super strong impression to pray with her, though we had not taught a lesson yet. We had only talked about who we were and what we were doing in Korea, and introduced the gospel a little bit. I asked her if there was anything special that we could pray for her, and she looked at us with sad eyes and said, "Please pray that my daughter and I will find a happier life." Her and her daughter are literally best friends. So we prayed for that and she prayed with us. She thanked us afterwards, and asked us to come back often. We will meet her again next Thursday, and hopefully after this meeting we will be able to bring a member with us. :)

Also, the elders' investigator got baptized this week! And we will eventually get to teach his wife. But she just had a baby so it will be a while. Their investigator was so prepared though! He was glowing by the time he stepped into the portable baptismal font. Before the baptism, the missionaries all sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" in Korean. The spirit was so strong. Their investigator made the decision to be baptized because he knew that it would bless his family. So the song fit well. :) He was beaming even brighter when he stepped out of the font. :)

Here is a picture of the portable baptismal font.

Well, I think that is about it for today. But more to come next week I am sure! :) Love and miss you all so much! I hope spring is coming your way. It seems to be on its way here! :) Cherry blossoms are on their way. :)

Love, Sister Maughan

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