Monday, February 29, 2016

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Okay so yesterday it SNOWED. The Koreans kept telling us that spring was coming. The weather was warming up slowly but surely. Our shower water was finally truly hot. The sun was coming out more and more and spring... spring was on its way! But winter decided to kick spring out one last time. It snowed a ton yesterday! Well okay, not really that much when you are used to Utah winters, but a lot for Korea. So we took the opportunity to do some service and shovel the front of our less active's store. And then we made a snowman out of the shoveled snow. Obviously there wasn't a lot of snow. But it was enough to make a small snowman! :)

not the best picture.. but its all we were able to get :)

When we showed this picture to the elders they said, "Please tell me that is not in your house." They worry about our freezing house sometimes haha. Its okay though because it is getting warmer! We have hot water and we have heater. Plus the weather has been much nicer, outside of yesterday. :)

Anyway, this week we have seen more miracles! On Saturday we met a potential investigator. She has attended a Baptist Church for 30 years and knows the Bible back to front. Before I transferred here, my companion met her on a bus and they talked about their favorite scriptures in the Bible. Then the lady asked if we could teach her the Bible in English. So Saturday we met her, and told her about the Family English Program, where we teach English for 30 minutes and the gospel for 30 minutes. She told us that she wasn't sure if she should meet with us, but she had prayed a lot about it. And the last time that she had prayed and asked if she should meet with us, as soon as she said "Amen," her phone rang. And it was us calling. :) Such a miracle. Anyway, so we tried to teach her a lesson on Saturday, but she ended up just preaching to us about the Bible. That was a bit of a struggle. Eventually we were able to cut in and bear our testimonies about the Bible and living prophets today. We tried to bring up the Book of Mormon but she didn't want to hear anything about it. She isn't going to be an easy investigator by any means, but we know we are supposed to be meeting with her. And having new people to teach in our investigator pool is always a miracle. As we were teaching her, I was literally relying on the spirit to know what to say every moment of the lesson. With my strength, we cannot teach her. With my companion''s strength, we cannot teach her. We are not sent on missions to Bible bash or be preached to. But with the Lord's strength we can see miracles. And that is what we are hoping for. I just kept thinking "Sister Maughan, just pray for a miracle. You gotta pray for a miracle. She knows she is supposed to meet with you. But you gotta pray and pray and pray." So that is what we are doing, and that is what we will continue doing. Not every investigator is golden, but every one deserves a chance at salvation. :)

This week we were also able to go to the temple. And it is always so nice when we get to go to the temple! :) We stayed in the Celestial Room extra long this time, because we didn't have  reason to get out of the temple fast. It was super nice being away from the world and in the beauty of the temple. I love being all dressed in white and seeing everyone else all dressed in white. Korean, American, whatever race you may be... in the temple we are all the same, beautified in the Lord. There is not a person in this world who doesn't glow with extra beauty in the temple.

When the Korean is the tallest in the district... #shortestdistrictever 
But we all love our shortness! ;) 

Anyway I love and miss you all! Have a great week! :) 

Oh, and transfer calls came. Nothing is changing here! Same comp, same area. We are pumped to see more miracles together! :) Starting transfer 11 of 12. :) 

Love, Sister Maughan 

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