Monday, February 1, 2016

My Life is a Movie

Okay, so funny story. Sister Zippro and I were given this huge thing of duck meat from out members. I have eaten duck countless times on my mission and have actually grown to like it. :) But we didn't know how to cook it. With oil? Without oil? Was it cooked already and we just had to heat it up? We literally had no idea. I mean no one has ever taught me how to cook duck before. So we took a whacky guess and went for it. We figured we should use oil because... what could it really hurt, right? (Don't do that). We figured the duck wasn't cooked yet, so we had to thoroughly cook it through. (We were wrong.)  We decided to finally suck up our pride and call the elders who had also gotten the duck meat. Let me just say, it takes a lot of humility for a sister missionary to call an elder for cooking tips. Haha. Anyway, so we called them. As we called them we had already tried cooking a few pieces with oil, and thoroughly. We were actually in the middle of the cooking process when we called them. This was the elders reply: "The duck has already been cooked. Just plop it in the pan and warm it up. You don't need oil. Duck has lots of grease so it will be swimming in oil by the time it is done." We thanked them and hung up. I looked at Sister Zippro, and she looked at me, and we both busted out laughing. We ate a delicious dinner though! :)

Okay, so let me just tell you about this new area. IT IS SO FUN. The members are a blast, and living in the country feels so much like home. After a huge family night at our branch president's house (yes, house! not apartment!), we had to be driven home by some members. We live an hour away from our branch president, and it was kind of late. Anyway, they got permission for two of the college aged members  to drive us home. We walk out of the house and the two boys pointed to the vehicle we would be taking home. It was this big white old beat up truck... I was shocked. You never see that in Korea. I LOVE THE COUNTRY!!! Anyway us and the elders piled into the truck, and we went on our way. We had to drive through miles of nothingness... just rice patty fields for miles... down roads with no one else on it. It literally felt like we were in a movie. I could not contain the smile on my face. I mean we were piled in a white beat up truck, driving down a road with nothing but fields on either side of us... in the middle of KOREA of all places. It made me so happy.

Anyway, we are working hard out here to find new investigators. We have done endless street contacting, knocking on doors (which is so terrifying in a place with nothing but apartment buildings), and brainstorming new ideas. We have lots of neighborhood friends. We have even found ourselves talking to the same people twice (which is always awkward haha). But I know that if we keep having faith, be willing to try new things, and work to the end of the day with a heart full of faith and hope, we will find new investigators. They will come! I have seen it happen before, and I know that it can happen again.

Today we are fasting for a new investigator, and to know how exactly to help this area. I know that we can change the atmosphere out here. This area isn't going to be a one investigator area anymore. We got this! :)

Literally, I cannot tell you enough the miracles that I have seen because of faith. When we read that faith can move mountains in the scriptures, we are not reading lies. It is literally the truth! Faith can make miracles! It is only by faith and through faith that the Lord blesses us. :)

I love you all so much and miss you always! You are all awesome!

Ps, I have gotten so many trunky emails today. I know I am going home soon, but 4 months isn't that soon! Haha. Okay maybe it feels like literally no time but still... be patient. ;) I can't get trunky yet.

Love you all!!

Love, Sister Maughan

Our church is in a building so this is the entrance. :)

sorry not many pics.....but here is the country! :)

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