Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy White Day!

So here in Korea there is another holiday outside of Valentines Day. And it is called White Day. On Valentines Day, the girl gets the boy something. On White Day, the boy gets the girl something that costs twice as much as what she gave him for Valentines Day. Or at least, that is what I heard. No guarantees that that is accurate. But nonetheless, White Day is another cheesy couple holiday, and to commemorate White Day, we took pictures with roses.

No, we didn't receive the roses from anyone special. Haha. On Saturday we did this activity with the Relief Society where we danced and lip synced with them, in front  of the whole stake. And because my companion and I supposedly did so well, we got roses. :)

So Saturday was my compy's birthday. And I felt so bad, because I didn't get her anything special. I am with her 24/7, so how am I supposed to get her a gift? haha. I thought about making the elders do it for me, but then the Sister Training Leader called and said that we would be going on exchanges. So I figured I could do it then, but then the STL called again and cancelled. And it didn't give me enough time to buy a gift. :( But I knew I had to make it up somehow. So I figured my biggest force for getting something special done would probably be the sisters in the branch. So while Sister Zippro was showering, I texted all the Relief Society
 sisters, "Hello Sisters! This is Sister Maughan. Today is Sister Zippro's birthday. When you see her, please say happy birthday to her! Keep this message a secret. She doesn't know that I sent it. Please don't reply. Thanks and love you all!" I prayed that my Korean skills would at least get the point across. Then I deleted the text message. That night when we went to the Relief Society activity with the stake, there was a cake already prepared for Sister Zippro, and we sung to her in front of everyone. :) I wish I could have done more for Sister Zippro, but I worked with my resources and made it as special as possible. And the elders helped out too. They also made her a cake. We be eatin' cake for days!

Okay so we are literally watching miracles pour in, and I couldn't be more thankful. I don't believe that I am the missionary who deserves to be here to watch this area change, but I am full of thanks that I am. My heart is literally full to the edge. I don't know how I will ever repay Heavenly Father, but the one way that I can is by giving it all I have for the next 10 weeks. I only count down because it makes me work harder. I have prayed and fasted to see one person baptized in the next 10 weeks. That is not a lot of time, but God has heard me prayers. Yesterday we received two member referrals (referrals in Korea tend to be rare and of VERY high value). And we will be meeting with both of them in the next few weeks. One of them is an 11 year old girl who is friends with all the primary girls her age in our branch, and the other is a young woman aged girl who is friends with all the young women in our branch. Both have high potential, and we are praying our hearts out that they will listen to the lessons, take them in well, and accept the gospel. And our Uzbekistan investigator will be meeting with us this week. She cancelled last week. But we have done practice lessons with the sisters in our ward, role playing to teach her. And after doing role plays with the members, they have all offered to do member present lessons with her, and even offered to watch her daughter while she works. The sisters in the branch are AMAZING. Everyone here is working so hard to turn the branch into a ward. I watch their efforts and I am in awe at the excitement in the air to do missionary work. I can't imagine a better place to be serving right now. No, this area has not been easy. I came into the area with only one investigator to work with. But miracles just keep coming, and the area is doing a 360 turn. The Lord is truly moving the work along here in Icheon.

 I love Korean children! Isn't she just the cutest. HAHA a bit up close and personal but its the best I got. :)

I can't believe how fast time is flying, but I am so happy that I have the opportunity to serve as a missionary. It is literally the best experience of my entire life, and it has changed me. I thought that I was converted before my mission. I wrote in my journal and read scriptures every night from the time that I was 14 years old. I prayed every night from the time I was little. I thought I knew what faith was, and I thought that I had seen miracles. But that was only the beginning of my own conversion. My mission has changed me and changed me and changed me again. But that is what the gospel is. It is change. The gospel is meant to continually change us. We can't be the beautiful vase that the Lord wants us to be if we aren't continuously spinning on the wheel allowing ourselves to be sculpted by His masterful hands.

I love and miss you all always! 사랑해요!

Also, we are trying to think of ideas for activities with the young women. They really need our help. Our young woman's president has a large load on her shoulders, and while we are not her counselors, we are taking on some of the same responsibilities. If you have any super fun or super spiritual young women activities, please PLEASE email me. We have 5 young women. And remember, we are in a small branch. We don't have all the resources that a large Utah ward would have. Thank you so much!

With love,
Sister Maughan

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