Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Heart Attack Fail

So last Monday we went to heart attack a potential investigator's door. But it turned into quite the adventure. Everything was going as normal. We were about to stick the last heart on the door, when we heard voices right next to the door about ready to come out. We were about to be caught. So we stuck the last heart on right as the door handle turned, and booked it to the stair well of the apartment building. The problem was, I was wearing my companion's shoes which were a little too big for me. So it was just "CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP!" all the way down the stairs. It was not graceful, sneaky, or quiet. We only got about 3 flights down when we heard our potential investigator call "Hold on! Wait a minute!" in Korean from above. We ran back up the stairs and said hi to her, kind of awkwardly. She laughed and pointed at the door. All the hearts had fallen in our attempt to get away. She said that she had to go over to a neighbor's house really fast but would come right back. So while she was gone, we stuck the hearts on the door again, trying to catch our breath, laughing at how pathetic we were. It felt a lot like the time I tried to answer a boy to a Homecoming and tripped down his front steps when I was running away from the door, which resulted in my friends laughing their heads off and me being caught by his little sister. I guess some things even a mission can't change. And clumsiness is one of them. ;) Anyway, the potential investigator came back and we got to talk to her for a minute which was really good. She laughed with us about our heart attack fail.

This is us on our way to heart attack. Sometimes when you live in the country, you are the only ones on the bus. So you take a selfie..

So this week was another week full of miracles. We met with one of the member referrals that we received last Sunday. We ate 떡복기 (tteokbokki) together with her member friend and taught a simple lesson on prayer. She mentioned to us that she hasn't been baptized yet. (She met with missionaries a few years back). That is always a good thing to hear as a missionary. It was basically like her saying, "I haven''t been baptized yet. But my friends have and I know what it is." Anyway, we told her she still could be baptized. She said she wasn't sure about it, but that she would think about it. We will keep meeting with her and see what happens. Hoping for the best as always! :)

On Saturday we were in charge of the young women activity. Oh my gosh, I love young womens. I miss it. And going to one of their activities made me so happy. Not to mention they invited us to play Dance Dance Revolution with them some time! We have to check up on the rules about that, because we don't know if we can play it or not. But the fact that they invited us means that we are becoming friends with them! And they need us. :) Anyway, Sister Zippro and I taught them how to make caramel popcorn. We didn't have a popcorn machine, so we had to pop it all over the stove which was an adventure. Luckily we didn't fail too much. We only messed up the first batch. (Can you say that? Batch of popcorn? Haha English....) Anyway it was SO FUN. The young women enjoyed it too.

Then we taught young women's on Sunday. We taught them about faith. We made a little boat and oars and labeled the oars "belief" and "action" and the boat "faith." You need all three to move on the ocean to eternal life. They really enjoyed it, and I think it clicked with them. One of the young women who seems to be struggling with a testimony actually willingly answered a question and gave a good answer. Usually she just says, "I don't know."  But this time she answered! It is a small miracle, but we were thankful for it.

Anyway I have to go, but I love and miss you always! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Maughan

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