Monday, January 4, 2016

Earring in My Ramen

So in an effort to save time last week, Sister Capener and I brought Ramen to the church to cook for lunch. Well, we couldn't find a pot to boil the water in. So we tried to make it in the microwave. First of all, Ramen takes a lot longer to make in the microwave. Don't do it. We tried to boil the water in the microwave and then put the noodles in... yeah complete fail. ;) It took about 10 minutes of microwave use to warm up and cook one packet of noodles. We learned our lesson. Anyway, after making the Ramen, we sat down to eat it. Except we didn't sit down because there was no chairs. So we squatted next to the table. As I was eatting my Ramen, I picked up some noodles right as my earring plopped down into the cloudy pepper red soup. I am sure there was an easier way, but I grabbed my chopsticks and started chasing the earring around in my Ramen, unable to pick it up. After about 5 minutes of laughing with Sister Capener and trying to grab an earring with chopsticks, I finally gained enough dexterity to pick up the earring. You know you are in Korea when you find yourself eating Ramen, and using chopsticks to get your earring out of your Ramen. I don't really know why I told you that story haha. Hope you laughed. :)

Okay, now on to the spiritual stuff. We have seen so many miracles lately, I can't even tell you all of them in one email. But I will do my best to point out the main ones.

So within the last 2 months, we have fasted multiple times to find new investigators. We are striving to get new investigators. Two weeks ago, some sisters from another area called us with a referral from a member. We contacted that person, and we are meeting her next week! She wants to learn English, but also has gospel interest.

Yesterday, we stepped out of our house and at one of the intersections, there was only one lady standing there. So of course, we talked to her. She ended up telling us that she had a lot of interest in learning English, but would be willing to learn the gospel. As we were talking to her, another man came up to the intersection. He looked at me and asked "Do you speak English?" in English. So I told him I did, and we started talking. Sister Capener talked to the lady, and I talked to the man. And then the lady started talking to the man in Korean, telling him about the program that we had just told her about. Our street contact helped us find another street contact! Anyway, we ended up getting both of their numbers. So cool!

And then this morning, some random lady called us. She said, in Korean, "Are you a foreigner?" So I responded yes, and she told me that she wanted to meet with us. I was thinking she was English interest, because why else would she ask if I was a foreigner? But then she said "I want to learn about your church." Miracle. Rarely do people start out with gospel interest. It is usually English interest that turns into gospel interest. We have an appointment with this lady on Friday. :)

And then on my way to emailing today, we got another call from a random number. I answered and talked to the man. He was a member from Daejon. At first I was thinking, Oh man, we are nowhere near Daejon, he has the wrong missionaries. But then he went on to say that a recent convert from his ward was moving up to our ward, and that we needed to meet with her for the recent convert lessons. He sent her number to us. Another miracle! She may not be an investigator but she is just as precious and important.

There are so many more miracles I could tell you about, all ranging from less actives coming back to church, to miracle conversations on the street. Being a missionary is the best, and I absolutely love it. I can't believe that as of tomorrow, I will have been in Korea for an entire year. But I love this country, and I love the culture, and I love the people. I can't imagine serving anywhere else. I know this gospel is true, and I can feel Heavenly Father's love for the Korean people.

Love and miss you all!

Love, Sister Maughan

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