Monday, January 18, 2016

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

I figured I would start with a picture because pictures are fun! :) Members in Incheon :)

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Transfer calls came! I didn't think I would be going, but I will be spending the rest of my mission in another area! :) I will be going from Incheon to Icheon. I know that is super confusing. There is not anything out there, not even an "n" where I am going. Haha. (Just laugh, I know that wasn't that funny). Anyway, I am literally going from one end of the mission to the other. And Icheon is as country as you can get in our mission. Missionaries joke that when you get called to Icheon, you are being banished. And they say there is nothing out there. (I will be at least an hour away from any other missionary, whereas right now, I live within 15 minutes of 8 other missionaries). But I beg to differ. I haven't been to Icheon yet, but I think God has heard my heart's silent confusion from serving in the city for so long. I mean the city is great and all, but when I tell people that the town I live in only has one stop light and one gas station... well it is pretty clear that Wellsville is country. And I am excited to go back to something kind of like home. Something familiar. :)

Icheon is going to be a new adventure. :) Icheon is not a ward, it is a branch. Their church house is on top of a PC Bang (which is just a place full of computers where kids play games). They have a portable baptismal font because they don't have one built into the building. I hope to be breaking that thing out sometime within the next 18 weeks. :) Currently, the sisters there only have one investigator, but I am determined to change that. For whatever reason, I am supposed to be ending my mission in Icheon. I am excited for the new adventure. :)

I am sad to leave Incheon though. I have absolutely LOVED serving here. I had to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday to give a goodbye talk. I spoke about joy and finding joy in the gospel. I tried to put every ounce of energy into smiling and showing the Koreans that you really can find joy in the gospel. I did, and so can you. After sacrament meeting, a ton of the ladies in the ward came up to me and hugged me saying things in Korean like "Don't go!" and "Why do you have to leave?" It was so sweet and made me feel like I really had made at least some difference in some of their lives. As a missionary, that is one of the best feelings you can have. I served in Incheon for a long time... 5 transfers. I have been here since June of last year. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to serve here. I have never grown so much in 8 months before.

I am also sad to say goodbye to Sister Capener. We had the dream companionship! We talked to everyone we could and taught as many lessons as possible. When I came to Incheon, we were only teaching around 5 lessons each week. This week, we ended the week by teaching 11 lessons. This is the most I have had my entire mission. We have worked to reactivate 4 less actives, all of which are in the progress of coming back to church. Two have almost reached reactivity. :) We didn't want to seperate, but we know that God knows what is best for us, and we must follow His plan.

But... I am excited to start a new adventure in Icheon with Sister Zippro. I don't know Sister Zippro very well at all yet, but I have heard that she is a sweetheart. She will be my next companion. She is from Utah as well. :) It should be way fun!

I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord. I'll be what you want me to be.

With love always,
Sister Maughan

I was one of their favorite missionaries....he is in the Bishopric in my ward. :)

It snowed! :)

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