Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Imagine this. You lay down on the floor (okay the mat on the floor but still basically the floor) to go to sleep at night. You just finished your forever long missionary prayer, and you are ready to knock out for the night. After thinking about your plans for the next day one last time, you begin to lull away into sleep. And then, it happens. That obnoxious buzzing in your ear that has been going on for two weeks now. You have heard it, your companion has heard it, and the other sisters you live with have heard it. It happens every night. You swat around your ear and the bug flies away long enough for you to start falling asleep again. But then it is back once you start dreaming. Finally it moves on to another sister. But then, an hour or two later, you are forced awake by an itch on the top of your foot that just cannot be ignored. You walk into the bathroom and flip the bathroom light on to find yet another mosquito bite. You remember you didn't put mosquito spray on that night, so you spray yourself so that you can sleep in peace.

Korean bugs are obnoxious. I thought I knew mosquitoes in America. But American mosquitos are wimps compared to the mosquitoes here. And whatever bug flies around our heads at night... we still haven't found it. It hides in our house during the day and bugs us at night. Its okay though, supposedly winter is on its way and then the mosquitoes will leave. And hopefully mystery bug will leave with them. :)

Anyway, now that I got that part of the email over with. I can tell you what all happened this week. So let me start out with TRANSFER CALLS. Yep transfers are Wednesday, and things will be changing a bit. Sister Sweetnam is going to 수원 zone (Su-won) and I will be companions with Sister Capener. I hope I spelled her name right. Anyway, she just got finished being trained, so I will get to greenie break again. :) It should be super fun! :) Transfer number 8 here I come! :)

This week we had a miracle with one of our investigators. We taught her about prayer and asked her if she had ever prayed. She said that she had prayed once before but that she wasn't really sure if God was there or not. She said she believed in evolution so she didn't think that it was possible for her to believe in God. At the end of the lesson, we asked her to pray out loud with us. During the lesson I had told her that when you pray, if you feel peace, it is God telling you that he is there. She began the prayer and it was SO sincere. Immediately the spirit filled the room, and it was peace only comparable to what I have felt in the temple. She said "amen" and we looked up to see her eyes filled with tears. We asked her to pray every night this week, and she promised us that she would. It was an amazing lesson, and I am so thankful that she felt this peace and learned that God truly is there.

Sorry there's not much more to say for this week! I know that through faith we can accomplish anything, and I know that God really is there for us always. I love you all and miss you so much!

Love, Sister Maughan
This is what I did the two day's I was sick! HAHA

This is Chinatown in Korea.

This is the Chinese zodiac's.

The year of the pig!

More zodiac's.

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