Monday, October 12, 2015

Let Your Light Shine!

So I finally got to watch GENERAL CONFERENCE! And it was so good. I just wanted it to last forever and keep going. Eight hours did not feel long enough. ;) So I think I have said it before, but Conference is like Christmas for missionaries. In fact, I would dare say that it is better than Christmas. As a missionary, we rarely get the chance to just sit in front of a tv and watch it for eight hours. But Conference gives us that chance to have a small little break to relax and listen to the gospel. This Conference, the two districts that have wards that go to our church building combined to watch conference. The zone leaders texted us the night before and told us to load up on snacks to share with each other during conference, so that is exactly what we did. Then Saturday morning, 16 missionaries met together in the relief society room, notebooks in one hand, bag of snacks in the other, and pens at the ready to jot down every bit of spiritual advice we could get. Watching Conference with other missionaries is seriously the BEST. We all make it fun, but focus more than we ever would at home. The funniest though, is when the prophets give marriage and dating advice, and we all laugh a bit and then write absolutely every thing we can from that talk. The elders especially seem to fill their pages during those talks. Haha if it doesn't apply now, we gotta prepare for later right? ;)

Oh, and I watched Women's Conference, too. Shout out to my friends in the Wellsville Stake that I got to see from all the way over here in Korea! You all sung amazing. I saw so many familiar faces from not only Wellsville but other stakes as well. It was so fun to see everyone! :)

Okay, so we had a bit of a miracle this week. We invited one of our English/gospel interest investigators to conference. Unfortunately, English class and Conference conflicted times a little, and I was sure that she would choose to come to English class rather than go to Conference. But when English class got out, we peeped into the chapel to see only about 15 people out of the 2 wards of 150 people each watching Conference. Among them, was our investigator. She had chosen to watch Conference over attending English class. Such a miracle! And she thinks it is incredible that we have a living prophet. She really likes the idea, and I think she really enjoyed watching Conference. My companion and I saw her sitting in the chapel, eyes glued on the screen. We quickly stepped out of the chapel to scream silently and hug each other because we were so happy that our investigator attended Conference, especially over English class. :)

So I really loved President Monson's talk about Christ's light. My whole life I have tried so hard to avoid things that I know are wrong. I love feeling Christ's light in my eyes, and I can feel it when it is gone. But that also means, that through high school, and even on my mission, I have been called a "Molly Mormon." At first I thought that this phrase had a negative connotation, and to a lot of people, it does. Even on the mission, when we talk about our past lives, I am a "Molly Mormon." I always read my scriptures, prayed every night, I didn't date steadily through high school, I dressed modestly. Some people, even in the mission field, have told me that I am too innocent and don't know enough about the world.  But as President Monson was talking about Christ's light, I had a warm feeling come over me. The Spirit enveloped me and told me that I had been making the right decisions. Being a Molly Mormon isn't a bad thing. People ask me often how I manage to stay positive and happy, even through the toughest of trials. Well, it is because I have learned that happiness doesn't come from worldy things. Happiness comes from Christ's light. And when I have Christ's light, even the darkest of days are lighted by Him.

I love you all so much and miss you as always! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Maughan

 Incheon! If  you watched the President's cup ( golf) in Korea, this past weekend, you might have seen this bldg.

 Incheon! This area was just part of the Ocean 7 years ago. It is a brand new and very rich city!

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