Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Singed Hair and Transfer Calls.

We got transfer calls this week! My current companion, Sister Carter, has served her mission, the full 18 months faithfully, and it is time for her to go home this week. It has been so fun being her companion and I have learned a lot from her. :)

So on Wednesday, I will get a new companion. I am staying in Ansan for a while longer. I could be here for 6 more weeks... or I could be here for 12. It is whatever President Morrise feels is right. :) My new companion will be Sister 정혜민. Judging by the Korean I used to write her name you can probably tell, she is Korean. I am getting a Korean companion! I am so excited. I was actually in the MTC with Sister 정혜민 for a little while. She has only been in the mission 6 weeks (1 transfer) longer than me. She will be the senior companion of course. But overall, we will be a young missionary companionship. She is in her fourth transfer, and I am in my third starting Wednesday. Generally sisters don't go from junior companion to senior companion  until their 6th or 7th transfers. So she is a young senior, but it will be super fun. :)

In other news, I singed a piece of my hair off this week with the curling iron. This has never happened to me before. I used the same curling iron that I have used for a couple years now. It has never let me down. But I was curling a piece of my hair and I heard sizzling, then a chunk of my hair ended up falling. So yeah... that was unfortunate. Good thing I have a lot of hair.

So on Friday, we went on a Sister Training Leader exchange. Sister Hoffman, our zone's Sister Training Leader, came to be my companion for a day, and Sister Carter went to be with Sister Hoffman's companion. This is just something that the Sister Training Leaders must do with every companionship each transfer. While on exchange, we went to a recent convert's house and taught her about patriarchal blessings. She had no idea such a thing existed, and she seemed really interested.  She asked us how she could get one and what she had to do. I was really hoping that someone would talk about patriarchal blessings in Sacrament Meeting so that she could hear some more about them. I saw her walk in to church and I said a small prayer in my heart. Sacrament rolled around (its the last block of the day here) and  what would you know... one of the speakers talked about patriarchal blessings! So good. Heavenly Father really does know what each of us needs, and He will work through whoever has an open heart to meet our needs. :)

So next week is General Conference for most of you. For us, we have to wait an extra week because of the time change. General Conference is live while we are sleeping so... yeah. :) We get to watch it the week after it is broadcast! :) General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries... we get just as excited. Normally we don't get to just chill and watch the TV screen for a couple of hours... but we will in 2 weeks! :) When watching conference, go into it with a question in your heart. I promise that it will be answered. :)

Also, if you haven't seen the "Because He Lives" video on LDS.org yet, look it up. It is incredible. I promise you won't regret it! :) And go check YouTube on Easter Day. The church has bought all of the adds on YouTube for Easter. It will only be our church all over the adds. How cool is that? :) And use the hashtag #becausehelives when you share the video. :) It is similar to the #sharethegift initiative that the church took in December! :) Because He lives, I can be happy. Because He lives, I can be forgiven when I make bad decisions. Because He Lives, I can always feel His love. "...I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled eternally in the arms of his love." 2 Nephi 1:15

I love you all as always! Miss you!

Sister Maughan

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