Monday, March 9, 2015

I can feel my toes!

It is finally warming up here in 안산, Korea. :) My toes are no longer little ice cubes, and I don't have to wear a ton of layers anymore. I sure hope the weather stays like this! It is so nice. :) Sister Carter and I want to go study on the grass somewhere sometime... the problem is, there is no grass. Anywhere. So unfortunate. If only the Koreans knew what it was like to lay in the grass and look at the clouds.... Anyway, I am so happy that it is warming up! I am not a fan of winter, and it is finally ending so I am super happy. :)

I attempted to make my first phone call this week! We had a referral that was supposed to be an African lady... so English was a better bet than Korean. Because of that, my companion asked me to call the lady. So I did... Ha ha but it didn't go quite as planned. The person that picked up the phone was definitely African, and definitely spoke English, but it was actually a man. As sisters, all the referrals we receive are supposed to be women, so when a man picked up I was so thrown off that I freaked out and just gave the phone to Sister Carter. I am such a dork ha ha. But the man's story was actually kind of cool I guess. He is a Nigerian and wants to know more about the church. So we gave his number to the elders, and now the elders have a new investigator.

Yesterday at church, we had a recent convert show up that we hadn't met before. Her story is actually pretty cool... She works in Mexico, but she was on vacation for a month in Canada in February. Well, in Canada, she met some missionaries on February 9th, and then she got baptized on February 27th. She got baptized so so quickly! She was just a golden investigator who was ready for the gospel. She is now on vacation in Korea for a month. She is Korean and Ansan is her home, but she basically lives in Mexico because of her job. She is so sweet though, and fluent in Korean, English, and Spanish. :) So because she was there, Sister Carter and I needed to go on a split with the members during church. She went with the new convert, and I went with the young women. Except... ha ha the young women gave me back to my companion. They know that I don't really speak or understand that much Korean yet, and so after they figured out that Sister Carter wasn't coming, they told me that I could go back and help my companion. I told them that it was okay, but they didn't really know what to do with me because none of them know any English, and I can't understand most of their Korean. So one of the young women took me back to my companion. Ha ha this language is a constant challenge... but I just have to be patient. Learning a language takes time. ;)

So yesterday I read a story in the Liahona about feeling the Holy Ghost. It was really good, and I actually learned a lot from it. A lot of us think that in order to feel the Holy Ghost, we must have a "burning in the bosom." But what does that mean? All of us feel the Holy Ghost in slightly different ways. The Lord knows our hearts, and knows what will touch us. Some of us are overcome with tears, some of us experience a warm feeling, some of us really feel burning in our hearts. We are all different. But we can all feel the spirit. For me, when I feel the spirit, I am overcome with faith that fills my heart. I am not a crier, but I know when I am feeling the spirit. A Russian lady in our ward told us that the spirit whispers things to her, and that is how she found the church. I know people that cry, I know people who claim their hearts beat crazy fast when they are feeling the spirit testify to them. But the important thing is that we can ALL feel the spirit testify truths to us as long as we don't block it out. We must be willing to succumb to the spirit's promptings and testifying. It is so easy to block it out, to put up a wall and refuse to feel it. But we can and should all be willing to feel it. That is how we receive answers, and that is how we can help our testimony grow. Without the Holy Ghost, conversion could not occur in any of us. I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost and I know that without the Holy Ghost, we could not know of the gospel's truth. :)

I love you all and miss you always!

Love, Sister Maughan

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