Monday, March 2, 2015

Oh how I miss Bathrooms!

Okay so yeah, the subject of this email home might be kinda goofy... but really. Korea has like zero bathrooms. You know how in America there are bathrooms at every grocery store, gas station, and restaurant? Well in Korea, there are not. There are some sketchy bathroom in some buildings,  but we try to avoid them if at all possible. Well last week, I had a little too much water to drink, and there was no hope for waiting until we got home. So I had to use one of the sketchy bathrooms. Unfortunately, only the men's bathroom was open. So that was my only option. I ran into the bathroom, into the only stall, and tried to hurry. But while I was in the stall, I heard a Korean male voice in the bathroom, and then footsteps over to the urinal. "Oh man.. please no..." I thought to myself. You can imagine the intensity of the situation. Because trust me, it would really freak a Korean out if a white girl came out of a stall in a boys bathroom. So I decided to wait it out, and let the guy leave before I walked out. So I listened for the sink to turn on and off. But really, it was so awkward. Luckily after the guy left, I blitzed out of the bathroom as fast as I could before another Korean man walked in. I survived! ;) I hope this will never happen again.

Now to the more serious stuff! :) We have had referrals coming out of our ears this week! We have one in particular that seems super promising. Some missionaries in Canada sent us notification that a Korean was baptized in British Columbia this last weekend, but is coming to live in Ansan now. This means that we will be teaching her the new convert lessons, and it should be really good. We are super excited, because we have been a little low on lessons lately.

But we also lost a baptismal date this week. So that was kind of sad. We have been teaching this older woman, and a couple weeks ago she agreed to baptism. We kind of had a feeling that she only agreed because she felt pressured by one of her friends who was baptized just a few months ago. And unfortunately, we were right. So for now, zero baptismal dates. But the same woman did come to church this Sunday. So there is still hope! :)

A couple weeks ago, I decided to begin reading the Book of Mormon again. I am currently in Alma, and it is getting intense. So in the past, I had read the Book of Mormon purely for doctrinal purposes, to help me understand the doctrine, or to give me guidance each day. But this time, I decided to switch my focus a little bit. I have never understood scripture stories, or remembered them. Whenever people would say "You know the story about ____?" I would always say, "uh..." because I truly could not remember scripture stories. I could read a verse and give a little lesson on what that verse teaches, but I could never actually tell you would the story behind that verse was. That is my focus now. While I search daily for guidance through the scriptures, I am trying to understand the stories behind them. And let me just say, the Book of Mormon is so intense! So many times, people fall away from the truth and they can feel a void in their lives. All the sudden the people are confused, conflicted, and lost. They suffer famines of all sorts. But then they are reminded of the true gospel, and as their faith grows, God reveals truths to them little by little, until they gain a solid testimony again. The people prosper.

This can surely apply to our lives as well. Sometimes we fall away from the truth for many different reasons. Maybe we get swamped in worldly things, maybe we decide that God is asking too much of us (like Laman and Lemuel). But when we do those things, we will feel empty, and we will not feel happiness anymore. When we come back to God though, when we regain our testimonies, we prosper. We feel happiness and we receive endless blessings from God. This concept is repeated in the Book of Mormon too many times to count.

If you have not read the Book of Mormon yet, focusing on the stories and what the stories themselves teach, I highly suggest you do. You will learn so much from it! Plus, the Book of Mormon is full of intense wars and adventures, and it really is a good book! :)

I love you all always, and miss you! 사랑해요!!!

Love, 만 자매 :)

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