Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Miracles Always Come

So this week was a good one! :) It doesn't quite compare with last week, but it has still been good. We got to farm again which was super fun as always! Being out in the sun and just working in the dirt was so nice! It made me feel at home ha ha. I mean, I have to admit that I didn't do much farming or gardening really when I was home... (sorry Mom and Dad ha ha)  but I certainly played in the dirt and sun a lot, I just did it wearing a slightly different uniform, and not a missionary badge.

 We also played Ultimate Frisbee again on Friday! The elders were on exchange so I was the only American there. Good thing I already know how to play because there is no way I would understand the rules in Korean ha ha. Even as old of a missionary as I am. ;) But it was super fun as always! :)

The two girls in the middle are both our investigators (the one in the striped jacket is the Buddhist one, and the one with the white shirt on is the one with a baptismal date) , and the rest of the people in the picture are members! :)

So we also had the opportunity to go to a dog cafe this week! In Korea, there are cafes you can go to where you can order ridiculously expensive smoothies and play with dogs, and it was my dying wish to go to one before I go home. So here are some pictures of me with dogs because... I love dogs ha ha! :)  Chewy is still number one though. That hasn't changed ha ha.

You know dog cafes probably aren't the most sanitary thing... but it was a fun experience. :) 

I don't know when the Elders got this pic...but they did! :) I was cold so I borrowed a members cardigan. :)

Okay so Saturday and Sunday were kind of stressful days. The investigator with a baptismal date was sick on Saturday and couldn't meet, and then couldn't come to church on Sunday because of her parents. But when she texted us on Sunday she sounded kind of upset, and we weren't exactly sure why. My heart sank as I read "don't call me today because I won't answer." She told us the reason was that if she came to church, she couldn't do homework. And her mom wouldn't let her come to church again if she couldn't finish her homework. But we weren't sure if she was more upset at her mom, or at us for asking her where she was. We know that she fights with her mom a lot, but of course we always worry that its something we did. Anyway, after hours and hours of no texts from her, a thought came to my mind. "Text her something simple. just say 'i love you!' and make sure she knows that its from you, because she has a stronger bond with you than your companion." (I was the first missionary she met, so we are tight.) So I did just that. I texted "자매님! 사랑해요! <3 love, 만  자매" and then hoped with all I had that she would reply. And about an hour later, she did! She replied, in Korean of course, "I love you too!" and then we just talked about her day lightly. I didn't pressure her or anything, just treated her like a friend. :) But the important thing was, she replied and she still likes us and isn't angry. So that was a miracle.

Also, while waiting anxiously in sacrament meeting for her reply, our other investigator texted us (the Buddhist one) saying that she was on her way.  I looked up at my companion shocked to see the text. Her parents did not give her permission to come to church, but she was coming! Part of me worried about her parents, but part of me was excited she was coming. When she showed up we asked her how she was able to come. "Well, I kind of lied to my parents. I said I was coming to the church to play ping pong with you."

So... I guess its a start. We wrote her parents a note, but she has been to scared to give it to them. She wanted to come to church so bad that she lied to them to come! I mean, of course I don't support lying to your parents ever. But that at least showed us her desire to come. And when she went to young women's she fit right in with the young women and really enjoyed the lesson (which, actually we taught haha). But it was so good to see her at church! :)

So even when we are worrying and stressed and running low on faith, if we just trust in the Lord, give Him even the tiniest bit of our trust, He will take it and make something beautiful out of it. I have to admit my faith was challenged this weekend, but seeing our investigator at church and receiving a text message from our other investigator reminded me that this is not my work after all, this is the Lord's work. And His plan is much larger and more beautiful than ours. :) We are not sure if our investigator will be able to be baptized on Sunday, but we are fasting today for it to be possible. Hopefully my last email as a missionary will be an email full of white clothing and the waters of baptism in our portable baptismal font. But if not, I will know that it was the Lord's plan. :) This is His work, not my work. And my remaining time to participate in it, while short, is a blessing. :)

Love and miss you all! See you soon ish!

Love, Sister Maughan

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