Monday, May 9, 2016


So first off, let me say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my beautiful and perfect mother. :) I already said it over Skype, but might as well say it again right? :)

Okay, so this week was the most miracle filled week yet. But before I get to the miracles, I want to post some pictures. On Thursday, it was my final zone training. So I had to say goodbye to so many people because I won't see them again before I go home. So that was super sad. But I will post some pics because... pictures are better than words right? I served with all these missionaries at some point and we all became friends. So these are goodbye pictures. ㅠㅠ

Sister Capener (one of my previous companions), Sister Workman (we served in the same zone for her 7 transfers), Elder Steele (He was a zone leader when I was a sister training leader  in the same zone).

Sister Capener and Elder Ryoo (we served in the same district).
Sister Workman! :)
Elder Lee (we served in the same district).

Wow, the friendships I have made on my mission are seriously priceless. And goodbyes are not fun. But I feel like as a missionary, you have to say goodbye so much. We get transferred, go home, meet new members and missionaries etc. But I can never thank the Lord enough for the amazing people I have got to serve with in Korea.

Okay now that we got the pictures out of the way, I can move onto the miracles. Okay so really, this week was PACKED with miracles. I just have to go through it day by day, and even by doing that I probably won't be able to put it into words.

Monday: It was PDAY! Yeah. Not much to say.

Tuesday: We met with our Vietnamese investigator. Her husband is Korean and he was baptized in March. We are taking it slow with her because of the language difficulty, but we watched the Mormon Message, Earthy Father, Heavenly Father with her. This is probably my favorite Mormon Message of all time, and she really enjoyed it. :)
And then one of the less actives that I helped reactivate in Incheon (my last area) called me asking when I would visit her before I went home. She begged that I come visit her, so that was a sweet tender mercy from the Lord.

Wednesday: We met with our English interest investigator and then had English class that night. All the young women came to English class, so that was fun! :)

Thursday: This is where the miracles truly begin. We went to zone training where I bore my last testimony. And then we came back to Icheon and met with our two young women investigators. We were planning to meet them at the same time, but one was later than the other, so we just taught them separately. We taught them both about the Book of Mormon, and they both thought that it was so cool that a boy their same age was able to translate it. :) The Buddhist background young woman said she would try to read it this week, and she accepted everything well. Truly golden. :) And the other one just soaked everything in. When she showed up late, she had been sleeping because earlier that day she had been fighting with her mom. She wanted to forget it so she went to sleep. But when we called she knew she needed to meet with us. And when she met with us she told us about her family situation and how it was hard for her. She is only 14 years old, but she recognized that she also had some things that she needed to repent of, like fighting with her mom. So she said whenever she recognizes that she has made a mistake, she prays to God for forgiveness. She told us about an experience she had when she was younger, praying for her family who, at the time, was struggling financially. While praying, she was overcome with peace that she hasn't been able to explain since. She said that her heart was warm and fuzzy, and she felt a sense of comfort that left her knowing that God was there. She asked us what that feeling was and how she could feel it again. I think both me and my companion sat there, jaws dropped and eyes bugging out like a deer in the headlights in unbelief as our investigator told us about how she had already felt the Holy Ghost, and wanted to feel it again. To be honest, this has not happened on my mission up until this day, and it happened to be my 18 month mark. I don't think I could have asked for a bigger or better miracle to be a part of. So we went explained the Holy Ghost and its importance, and our investigator left feeling a lot happier than when she showed up. :)

Friday:  We met the young women investigators again and taught them about the Word of Wisdom. Because tea and coffee are so popular here, they both admitted it would be kind of hard, but they both promised to try their best to follow the word of wisdom.

Saturday: We met them both again and talked about the Law of Chastity. I was a little nervous to teach the Law of Chastity to two 14 year old girls, but they both accepted it well. We made it fun by asking them what kind of person they wanted to marry. They are both pretty mature for their age, and said things like "someone who is family centered" and "someone who just loves me." It was a super good lesson! We ended the lesson by playing badminton for a half hour with them. Super fun! :)

Sunday: We knew that our the one young women probably wouldn't be able to come to church, but we invited her anyway. And then we called the other one when we got to church. The one with permission said that she would come. We sat in the back of the chapel anxiously waiting for her to come. When the door opened, we turned around to see our other investigator, the Vietnamese one, walk in with her family. Again, our jaws dropped and eyes bulged at the miracle that was before our eyes. We had invited her to church, but she wasn't planning on coming, so we didn't think she would be there.  And then about 20 minutes later our young woman investigator showed up. We had two investigators at church! It was absolutely amazing to watch the branch members fellowship them so well. :)

Okay, well that was quite a lot for today I think. I stand in awe at the miracles I am seeing in my last few weeks as a missionary. The Lord is truly blessing me being imagination, and I feel like I haven't really done anything to deserve it. I am just well... I am here. And that is really all I can really say. I am here and willing and I will serve with all my heart the next 2 and a half weeks. I love being a missionary, and this opportunity has been the biggest blessing, bigger than I could have ever imagined!
Here's the last pic of me and my cute compie! :)
I love and miss you all! So glad I got to Skype with the fam today! :) See you in a few weeks, but talk to you next week! :)

Love, Sister Maughan

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