Monday, September 21, 2015


This week was a week full of miracles. We couldn't see the miracles happening until last night when we were planning and looking back through our stats for the week. Holy cow, the Lord truly blessed us. :)

So for district meeting on Wednesday, we talked a lot about relying on the spirit at all times. I especially thought about proselyting and how important it is to have the spirit with you. Well, proselyting, talking to people on the street or on buses or on trains, is seriously the HARDEST thing for me to do. Of all the things we have to do as missionaries, proselyting, for me, is the hardest and the scariest. But we had a lot of extra time this week we needed to fill, so we decided to proselyte it up. I am not the biggest fan of just setting aside 2 hours to go proselyte, but we agreed that we need to find new investigators, so that is what we did on a few different days. And we tried to proselyte with the spirit.

We went to a huge park in Incheon, and started trying to talk to people there. We saw this family, and this little boy probably 2 years old was wobbling around with sunglasses on... it was seriously adorable! He came up to us and looked at us, and his face lit up with joy that I have never seen on a child's face before. SO CUTE. We said hello to the family and they went on their way with the little boy, giving us no time to introduce ourselves or our message. As we continued on, I kept thinking "should we go find that family again?" So I prayed in my heart and told God that if I saw them again, I would talk to them. And I left it up to Him to place them in our path. Well, about 5 minutes later, we saw the family from a distance and went on a mad run to chase them as sneakily and not creepily as possible. Well, we were cut off by a large group of elementary school kids. But we ended up talking to the elementary school kids about English class and they were so shocked  because they actually got to talk to foreigners. Their teachers were watching happily from behind us, probably thinking, "See kids, English is important." So we might not have talked to the family, but the kids were cool and they seemed interested. We tried to follow the spirit, and I felt like God was helping us the whole way.

Also, some of our investigators gave us a REFERRAL. This never happens. We were SO HAPPY. They gave us an English interest referral, but it was so good. We teach these two little 11 year old girls English for 30 minutes, and then the gospel for 30 minutes. Their friend wanted to learn with them so they brought her with and she really liked us and wants to continue meeting with us. And when we went into the gospel portion, she immediately folded her arms into prayer mode, and the two other little girls asked her to pray. She reluctantly said yes, and they helped her pray to open the lesson. CUTEST thing ever. They had already explained the whole program to her for us. So cute and so nice.

Then on Sunday after church, one of our members asked us to go visit a less active with her. We of course agreed, and we ended up visiting 2 less actives and another member with her. This upped our lesson count for the week from 6 to 9. We were so excited because 9 is the second  highest amount of lessons per week that I have taught on my mission. And visiting people with a member present is so successful! :) She did most of the talking and fellowshipping. We just shared a message and made sure the less active/member felt our love. When we turned in our stats for the week to our district leader, the elders told us to stop making them look bad haha. I am not one to focus on stats, but just by looking at them this week I could see how much the Lord truly helped us. I don't know what we did to deserve miracle after miracle, but I cannot thank the Lord enough. His hand was so evident in the work this week, and I am so thankful for His constant help. I am so glad I am a missionary. :)

Love, Sister Maughan

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