Monday, April 11, 2016

Transfer Calls!

So this week was packed with all sorts of everything! Miracles, changes, general conference... just wow. But I will start with transfer calls because I am sure you are wondering what is going on. This transfer call was quite a surprise. We had a feeling that Sister Zippro was leaving because she has been here for a while. So when President Morrise called and told her that she would be transferring, we weren't too surprised. But... the fact that President Morrise was giving us that transfer call was the surprise. Usually the APs (president's assistants) give us the transfer calls. If you hold a leadership position or will be called as a trainer, President Morrise calls. Well, neither of us currently hold leadership positions, and usually training takes 12 weeks so I thought that since I only have 6 weeks left, training was out the of the question. But I was wrong. I am going to be training a greenie for the next 6 weeks! Usually trainers are called to be trainers for 2 transfers (12 weeks), but President Morrise said this was just kind of a special situation. My greenie will be trained by me for 6 weeks, and someone else for 6 weeks. Kind of crazy! :) But I am excited. And nervous ha ha.

My MTC district! Reunited!

Okay so we finally got to watch general conference!!! And it was SO GOOD. Wow. I loved conference. Among my favorite talks were Elder Christofferson's talk about youth and Elder Holland's talk about striving and trying. I like Elder Christofferson's talk because we have especially been focusing on working with the youth, and it has been bring miracles upon miracles to this area. In fact, right after we finished watching Elder Christofferson's talk, we ended up meeting with two new investigators who a young woman referred to us. They are both 14 years old and curious to learn. We taught them the entire first lesson, and they took pictures of things we used as we taught (pictures, scriptures, etc) because they wanted to remember what they had learned. Elder Christofferson's talk pumped my comp and I up even more for that lesson. After he finished his talk, we both looked at each other and high fived each other. We knew that we truly had been following the spirit in working with the youth. :) And Elder Holland's talk.... I have a ton of notes from his talk,. that is for sure. He has always been one of my favorite speakers. But I loved how much he emphasized striving. We truly just have to do our best, and the Lord will help us do the rest. :)

Korean food! Just cuz I haven't sent any food pics.
And then there was Elder Kearson's talk about refugees. Let me just give you a run down of how that went. First, when he started talking, me and Sister Zippro looked at each other and I said, "I feel like we are watching Harry Potter" and she said "I feel like we are watching Narnia!" His accent was the best. Anyway, as he started talking about the refugees, I think all four of us missionaries went bug eyed. You see, as missionaries we literally have no clue what is going on in the world. We live in a world of innocence and peace, a  higher plane. It is kind of nice being away from the world. Well, none of us had been informed of what was going on, so when he talked about refugees and people running out of war-torn countries, we were quite confused. All the sudden the world seemed like a much scarier place than it was when we left....especially for me who has been away for 17 months now, and our district leader who has been away for 23 months. We both go home next month, and needless to say, I don't think either of us are ready to brace the world again. But we have to go where the Lord asks us to, and do what He asks us to. And if we trust in Him, everything will be okay. 

Okay, so we had so many miracles this week, I am just going to list them out:
Tuesday: We met with our Vietnamese investigator with a member. And she prayed for the first time! :) It was so cool and such a miracle, because she comes from a Buddhist background.
We also met with our Uzbekistan investigator and she agreed to keep meeting with us. She had stopped contacting us for a while because she was kind of scared (religion is kind of scary to her, as she grew up in an Islamic country), but decided that we were good people and allowed us to recontact her and meet again. We started teaching her daughter English and it went really well. :)
Wednesday: We met our English interest only investigator and he had a change of heart when we were teaching him. He said "If I start believing, then what? I think my belief is growing. Your church isn't a bad church. It is a good church." This was a huge leap for him, as he had only been meeting with us for English, and always got antsy during the gospel section of our meetings.
Saturday: We met with the referrals that our young woman gave us that I talked about earlier in the email. They are so cute and so accepting. They are getting ready to go to FSY, a version of EFY that is only in Korea and for members and nonmembers. They agreed to pray this week, and they want to keep learning with their member friend. :)

Korea is beautiful in the spring! :)

This week was packed full of so many good things, so many miracles and so many smiles. We are sad that Sister Zippro is leaving. We have watched this area go from an almost dead area to an area thriving and growing like crazy. I am nervous to train, but excited for the future. I am excited to help the work continue moving along in Icheon. :)

I love you all and miss you always! 6 more emails and I am home. I know that means a lot to my mom who has been waiting for probably what seems like an eternity. ;)

Love you! Love Sister Maughan

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